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Nestlé did not outbid the Centre Wellington township

Nestlé did not outbid Centre Wellington township. We have always been transparent and clear that we wanted to work with the community even before we placed the conditional offer on the property in March 2015. Prior to our initial offer we reached out to the Centre Wellington Township to determine their interest in the property and at the time they were not interested in it. 

The Middlebrook Water Bottling Co. site was formerly a permitted water bottling facility that the former owner tried to sell for approximately 10 years. 

On July 14th 2016, an anonymous party made a counter-offer to purchase this property, and under the terms of our original purchase agreement, we exercised our first right of refusal and proceeded with the purchase of the property according to the March 2015 original agreement. We did not outbid the anonymous offer.  

We were not made aware the counter offer was from Centre Wellington until well after we exercised the first right of refusal to proceed with the purchase of the site. 

We continue to work with the township to find a way to move forward in a manner that preserves and creates shared environmental, community and economic value. 

Please read the story that was published in The Waterloo Record and that gives further details.