Cathy: Project Manager, Applications Group

Cathy ChowName: Cathy Chow
Position: Project Manager, Applications Group
Years with Nestlé: Over 17 years

I’ve called Nestlé Canada my working home for over 17 years. Before transitioning to my current role as a Project Manager in the Product Applications Group, I was a Quality Assurance sensory specialist and an NQMS specialist. I really enjoy being a Project Manager because every day presents new challenges and opportunities.

One of my biggest accomplishments so far at Nestlé has been renovating Aero to the new Aero Bubbles chocolate bar you see in stores today. It was an extraordinary experience to have worked with experts across the Nestlé world - from the factory floor to cross-functional teams - sharing best practices and leveraging each other’s expertise to achieve success. It was incredibly rewarding professionally, and certainly something I will never forget.

It’s the opportunity to work with so many different people, with diverse backgrounds and expertise that makes this a great place to work. In my opinion, Nestlé does a great job encouraging employees to share best practices and leverage others’ experiences across the Nestlé world.