Performance culture

Nestlé Canada has a high performance culture, using differentiated rewards and development programs to ensure we reach individual and business objectives. This is driven by the alignment of clear and challenging responsibilities and priorities, and ensuring employees are aware of how their work impacts Nestlé Canada.  

Your performance is the most important factor in determining your opportunities within Nestlé Canada. If you’re keen to take on new and bigger responsibilities, you have to show you’re able to do so. You have to demonstrate through our Performance Evaluation process that you’ve performed strongly and consistently over a number of years. This doesn’t just mean hitting your results – you have to show you’ve achieved them in the right way. How you achieve is as important as what you achieve.

When talking about performance at Nestlé Canada, we stress the words 'strongly' and 'consistently'. It’s important you’re able to make a significant impact by what you do. You need to point to great results – not once, but again and again. And to do that you need to stick with a role and show that the results you’ve achieved can be sustained.
At Nestlé Canada, the end and means are equally important. We value people who achieve results in the Nestlé way. We expect you to support the Nestlé Corporate Business Principles (pdf, 1 Mb), Nestlé Management and Leadership Principles (pdf, 533 Kb) and Nestlé Code of Business Conduct (pdf, 76 Kb).