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Advertising to children

boy with snorkelAt Nestlé, we believe in providing only responsible consumer communication and are especially rigorous when it comes to communicating to children. Our Corporate Communication principles set high ethical standards that are diligently followed. Among other elements, these principles mandate that communication to children:

  • Encourage moderation, healthy dietary habits and physical activity
  • Must not undermine parental authority
  • Must not mislead children about potential benefits from eating a food

Our Nestlé Policy on Marketing Communication to Children

In Canada, Nestlé is a founding member of the Canadian Children's Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative (CAI), which is a voluntary program created by 18 leading food and beverage companies. The program involves promotion and support of healthy dietary choices and lifestyles among children 12 years-old and under. Participants also commit to only advertise to children foods and beverages that are consistent with the principles of sound nutrition guidance, including those that are lower in total calories, fats, salts and added sugars, and higher in nutrients that are significant to public health.

In addition, our Nestlé Canada Policy on Responsible Marketing Communication to Children specifically states:


  • No advertising or marketing activity that is directed at children under six years of age
  • Any product advertised to children between the ages of 6 and 12 MUST meet the nutrition criteria set out in the CAI pledge. To meet the criteria a product must meet both the limits for both Nutrients to Limit (i.e. sugar, salt, fat) and contain Nutrients to Encourage (i.e. whole grains, fibre, vitamins and minerals). 
  • No marketing communications to be directed to children under 12 for confectionery, ice cream and water-based products with added sugar.
  • Marketing communication is deemed to be child directed if the audience consists of >25% of the audience is under 12 years.