Nutrition, Health and Wellness Commitments

Since the end of 2014, 100% of our children’s products meet Nestlé Nutrition Foundation Criteria. Kate Cole | Registered Dietitian – Nutrition, Health & Wellness Manager

As a Food and Beverage leader, nutrition is at the very heart of everything we do.

We use a set of internal, science-based criteria to assess the nutrition credentials of our products based on serving size. We call this the Nestlé Nutrition Foundation (NF) and it is based on recommendations from the World Health Organization and the Institute of Medicine. The criteria are category and age specific. To achieve NF, a product must meet all the nutrient criteria for its respective category, including calories, added sugar, total fat, saturated fat, trans fat and sodium.

To ensure taste preference and better nutrition go hand-in-hand, we assess our major products through our 60/40+ program, which requires that at least 60 percent of a consumer panel prefers the taste of Nestlé’s product over the competitors’. Each product is also assessed against the NF criteria and the nutritional profile of our competitors’ products. We set important goals and high targets to continually improve our products and services.


Reduce sodium, saturated fat and sugar by 10% across our portfolio by 2016

Nestlé Canada has committed to reducing the amount of sodium, sugar and saturated fat by 10 percent in our products that do not meet NF by the end of 2016. In addition, we will remove trans fat from partially hydrogenated oils from all products by the end 2016.

One key standard to raise the bar: Nestlé Nutrition Foundation (NF)

We benchmark all our products against these criteria.

100% of kids products comply with NF

Since the end of 2014, 100 percent of our children’s products meet NF Criteria, including products such as Smarties, Nesquik and our frozen kids novelties.


All of Nestlé Canada’s products will display Guideline Daily Amounts (GDA) for calories on front-of-pack. At the end of 2015, 65 percent of all our products have GDA, with plans in place for continued implementation.

Portion Guidance will be provided on all children’s and family products, supporting the consumption of appropriate portions and helping Canadians understand how to consume Nestlé products as part of a balanced lifestyle. At the end of 2015, 53 percent of all our children’s and family products include this information on pack, with plans in place for continued implementation.


In 2013, Nestlé Canada entered into a research partnership with the Program in Food Safety, Nutrition and Regulatory Affairs at the University of Toronto to better understand the nutrient intake of Canadians throughout their lifespan. This three-year study concluded in 2016 and has resulted in two scientific publications to date. It will be shared with the external academic community to allow for new discoveries within the practice of Canadian nutrition and food policy experts.

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Nutrition, health and wellness

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