Product quality

milk jugsAt Nestlé, we produce and market a wide range of foods and beverages to satisfy many consumer needs – nutrition, variety, pleasure and convenience – which all contribute to achieving a balanced diet and overall well-being.

In Canada, we employ 55 registered dieticians, four specialists with PhDs in Nutrition and Food Science, and four veterinarians, as part of the technical services, sales and marketing process. These experts guide nutritional improvements to current products, assist in developing new and nutritious food options, and play an active role in educating consumers about our products. For example, Nestlé’s infant nutrition team launched Gerber Baby Cereal with probiotics – the first of its kind in Canada. Purina developed Optistart in ProPlan puppy foods that helps nourish a puppy’s developing immune and digestive systems, as well as Fortiflora from Purina Veterinary Diets that promotes intestinal health and balance, and helps in dietary management of dogs with diarrhea.
We continue to work hard every day to bring you quality products that meet the evolving needs of your entire family.