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Nutrition is everyone’s business at Nestlé

Woman at a computerA key to our success in being recognized as the leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company is ensuring that we have an internal culture built upon continuous nutrition training.

Nutrition Quotient (NQ) Training is our internal nutrition training program and aims to ensure everyone at Nestlé has a good foundation of nutrition knowledge.

Here in Canada, our NQ training is designed specifically for Canadians and focuses on the fundamentals of a healthy, balanced diet based on Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide. With the help of a highly interactive and efficient e-learning program, we cover subjects like carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. Those of us without computer access attend in-class training led by our Nutrition, Health and Wellness team. We are all tested before and after the NQ training to measure our progress.

The success of this training program relies on people taking ownership. Each of us is empowered to apply the NQ learnings in our professional activities and day-to-day lives.

The NQ Training program is an ambitious initiative looking to touch all Nestlé employees around the world. To date, it has reached over 226,000 employees.