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What are you doing in drought conditions?

Our Ontario Water Taking Permit limits are established by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) based on rigorous review of actual ground water conditions and in consideration of potential seasonal variation and conditions of stress such as drought. Nestlé Waters operates under strict MOECC guidelines and continuously monitors groundwater elevations to ensure there are no declining trends outside of natural seasonal variability.

For all water users on private and municipal water throughout the Grand River watershed in southern Ontario, summer’s unusual dry and hot conditions can impact local surface water sources. As committed members of the community and responsible caretakers of our water sources, Nestlé Waters Canada takes a number of actions to voluntarily reduce our water taking.

On August 11, 2016 the Grand River Conservation Authority Organization (GRCA), responsible for protecting the Grand River watershed, declared a Level 2 condition drought. In Aberfoyle, we immediately announced that we are committed to reducing our maximum monthly withdrawals by 20%. We have been operating at a reduced rate ever since as we are firmly committed to ensuring long-term water sustainability for all water users in the community.

Our passion for water, science and data drive all our decision making. We have over 80 monitoring points at Aberfoyle that provide us with the scientific data we need to make responsible decisions. Nestlé Waters Canada monitors groundwater levels hourly to closely track effects of groundwater pumping.

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