CSV in Canada

Creating Shared Value begins with the understanding that for our business to prosper over the long term, the communities we serve must also prosper. It explains how businesses can create competitive advantage, which in turn will deliver better returns for shareholders, through actions that substantially address a social or environmental challenge. As a company, we are best positioned to create shared value in three areas: nutrition, water and rural development.

In Canada, we focus our Creating Shared Value efforts on: our economic impact; nutrition, health and wellness; our environmental performance; our community impact; and transparency in our commitments.


Peter Brabeck with schoolchildren

To build a business capable of both delivering superior shareholder value and helping people improve their nutrition, health and wellness, Creating Shared Value is the approach we take to the business as a whole.

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map and corporate business principles

Our ten Corporate Business Principles make clear our commitment to fairness, honesty and a concern for individuals and society.

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icons representing our commitments

Creating Shared Value (CSV) is the basic way we do business, which states that in order to create long-term value for shareholders, we have to create value for society.

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